The Carbon Farming Solution

A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security

videos: tree intercropping systems


These systems add a perennial element like trees, shrubs, or perennial grasses to annual crop production. Most sequester carbon at low to medium rates, often 5-10 times higher than improved annual cropping systems alone.


Protective Systems

Windbreaks in USA:

Riparian buffers in USA:


Support Intercropping Systems

The Sloping Agricultural Land Technique (SALT) in the tropical Asian highlands:

Contour hedgerows - grass strips in Vietnam and Thailand.


Inga alley cropping in Honduras.


Evergreen agriculture in Africa:

Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) in Niger and Burkina Faso.


Perennial Crop Intercropping

Strip intercropping (alley cropping) in USA:

Strip intercropping in France:


Fruit tree intercropping in Mexico


Pasture cropping in Australia:

Parkland agroforestry in the Sahel region of Africa

Strip intercropping in Uganda